Our Parish Thursday morning YouTube services will continue, as are the Sunday Morning services offered by the North Kent Methodist Circuit – find each week’s YouTube link by visiting and going to the ‘Worship at Home’ page.

Our New Normal

At the moment we are holding a 10.00am service at one church each Sunday morning, the details and loctions are on our Worship page.

This pattern of a single service each week will be continuing during September and all arrangements are subject to current Government and national Church guidance.

However, we do need to emphasise to all that you should each consider your safety and that of others as you decide whether or not it is possible for you to attend a service over the coming weeks. There must be no expectations, sense of ‘I ought to’ or ‘guilt’ if you are unsure. Pray about what is right for you at this time and may God’s blessing be with you whatever you decide. You may wish to speak with one of the clergy before attending a service.

At present we are not operating a booking system. Guidance is still changing from week to week (e.g. the wearing of face coverings is now advised in all places of worship) and it is too soon to know what the situation will be in September so please continue to pray for our Wardens and CEC as we explore the possibilities.

So, coming back to church means:

❖You should aim to arrive no more than 15 minutes before a service, but not less than 3 minutes to allow for hand sanitising, seating etc.

❖you will need to complete a consent form for your name and phone number to be recorded for NHS test & trace – please bring a pen!

❖you must not allow children to run around, not even in the grounds, there are no toys, etc available for youngsters.

❖you are required by law to wear a face covering when inside the building unless you are in one of the designated exempt categories

❖if you need to use the toilets please be aware of others: one in, one out!

Each service will be simpler and shorter than previously! This must seem rather confusing – I’m sure it is – but it allows a gradual and managed opportunity for worship together within the guidance as it now stands.

If you are planning to come to Sunday worship you do need to be aware that capacity is limited so 

          you shouldn't arrive before 9.45am 

          but you do need to be in church at least 3 minutes before the service starts to ensure that you can carry out the necessary preliminaries (hand sanitising, test & trace info-bring a pen) and can be shown to a seat

We do appreciate that this is very strange for all but your cooperation is greatly appreciated for everyone's safety.

Church is about people, not buildings, so you can still contact Reverends Elaine, David and Paul by telephone or e-mail (see Who? Where?)

You can find prayers and links to online worship through this website and our Facebook Page Holy Trinity South Chatham